During Your Stay

When you arrive at the ward, we will show you to your room/bed and give you a bag of toilettries and essential items. You will also be briefed on the services available.

Patient Identification

For your safety a patient identification bracelet which contains your name, NRIC and ward number will be put on your wrist. Please wear the bracelet at all times during your stay in the hospital.


Upon your admission to the hospital, you would have given general agreement to treatment which may be required for your medical condition. Certain procedures, such as surgery, the administration of anaesthesia and certain diagnostic processes, would require your consent in writing. Your doctor will explain to you the procedures in order for you to understand.

Ward Round

Doctors usually conduct their rounds in the morning to review patients. They are also on duty 24-Hour a day to attend to your urgent medical needs. You may seek clarification from the doctor on any treatment, examination, procedure or drugs given to you.

Nurses Call Service

Each beds are fitted with a nurse call so that you may contact the nursing staff for assistance whenever necessary.


Please do not keep valuables or excessive cash with you during your hospital stay. If you have these items when you are admitted, please ask your relatives to take them home. The hospital will not be responsible for any loss of valuables or cash kept in the ward/room.

Food Services

Providing a balanced diet for our patients is part of the overall healthcare programme. You can choose order your meals from our daily menu. If you are on a restricted diet, please follow the advice as prescribed by the doctor. 

Visiting Hours

Your family and friends are welcome to visit you during your stay at our hospital. For your well being and that of other patients, we would appreciate the co-operation of your visitors in adhering to the rules during their visit.


Smoking is strictly prohibited within the hospital. Kindly do not bring cigarette packets to the hospital and ask your family members and friends to help you get better by helping you stay smoke free.

Leaving the Ward

Please inform the ward staff before leaving the ward at any time. For your safety, we request that you do not leave the hospital premises without the permission of your doctor-in-charge.