Inpatient Admission

Please produce the following documents for admission at the Reception counter at Ground Floor:
  • Your NRIC or Birth Certificate (if you are below 15 years old), or Passport (if you are a foreigner)
  • Next of kin's identification (Required for first time registration)
  • Medical benefit identification documents (e.g. Letter of Guarantee from panel of employer / insurer, insurance policy no. / card)

You need to complete the following documents at the Reception counter:
  • Letter of Declaration
  • Letter of Guarantee (for cash payment only)
  • Insurance Form (if covered by insurer's Medical Benefit Scheme)

Deposit may be waived if there is a Letter of Guarantee approved by the management.

Cash Payment
You are required to pay a deposit of the entire estimated bill upon admission. Additional deposit may be required if your stay is extended and/or the estimated bill is higher than initial estimation due to unforeseen circumstances.

Partial or waiver of deposit may be accepted if a Letter of Guarantee from the panel of Insurers and/or Corporates is obtained and/or presented upon admission.

For further enquiries regarding the arrangement of Letter of Guarantee and/or payment, please call our hotline: (+607) 2368 999