Patient's Charter

As an initiative to accomplish Kempas Medical Centre’s mission, your right and responsibility

as a patient is listed in the Patient’s Charter.

As a patient of Kempas Medical Centre, you have the right to:

• Adequate medical information such as medical condition, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.

• Informed consent before any operation is carried out.

• Be given medical treatment, including prompt treatment in emergency situations, in a safe, clean and

comfortable environment.

• Be entitled to refuse a recommended treatment and be discharged at your own risk.

• Be entitled to request for a second opinion from another healthcare provider.

• Privacy and patient’s confidentiality.

Apart from that, you have the responsibility as patient to:

• Adhere to treatment plans, medical advice and instructions should you choose to accept them.

• Adhere to policy, rules and regulations of Kempas Medical Centre at all times.

• Pay your hospital bills within the stipulated time frame.

• Respect and be considerate to hospital staff, doctors, other patients and visitors

• Fully and truthfully provide details of your medical, medication and treatment history as well as personal

details including insurance and financial information.

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